Looking Back and Moving Forward

Happy New Year to everyone

(okay, I am a couple of weeks late but I think it’s still relevant!)

This is just a short post to introduce a review of the work in Denaby through 2016 – it is well worth a read and will only take a few minutes. We have worked with so many amazing, passionate, imaginative, positive people over the year and this is a small way of acknowledging and celebrating their efforts.

We are constantly striving to develop and deliver the plans for Denaby with local people and key partners.  At times the pace can be hectic so I think it is really important to take a moment and reflect on the things that have been achieved.  Some of these are a direct result of Well Doncaster and some are more independent of our team – which is great and hopefully the shape of things to come!


Hopefully you enjoy the update but fear not, we are not resting on our laurels.  We still have ambitious plans in the pipeline, for example to support enterprise and self-employment, to raise adult literacy, to join with others and run creative and fun events, to improve the local area including the Crags (which is still pressing concern for everyone).

I am looking forward to an upcoming post from Susan Hampshaw, a colleague who has been evaluating one of the successes of the last year – the Bumping Space.  It will be good to start capturing learning in Denaby and thinking about how this can be used in other areas.

As always, we welcome your comments and questions so please get in touch


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