Denaby is Diggin’ it!

Well this is the April’s blog and I am taking over!

I thought I would dedicate this one to ‘Dig in’, a community project which is underway at the allotments and aims to create a community space that will bring people together to share experiences and knowledge.

We have engaged with all the existing allotment holders and are all keen to support the project and have set up ‘Denaby Dig It’, a constituted group which will enable us to source funding to support the project.

Members of Denaby Dig It setting up their account at the Credit Union in Denaby

Denaby Dig It, 2017-2018 Constitution have committed to hosting at least three meetings per annum hosted by committee members and members of the community and will be the anchor to driving the project forward. Up to now, meetings have been monthly for the volunteers and allotment holders to keep up to date with progress.  There are is a list of other people wanting to get involved, I have just been given four new names and email addresses of people who want to be involved in the project so word is spreading!

The main focus of work is preparing the area and getting it fit for purpose and we have engaged the services of the Community Pay Back Team who come on site on the weekends and have helped improve security by fitting the fencing.  The weather hasn’t always been on our side but we have persevered and things are taking shape.

  The Community Payback team installing a fence on site


A major job has been getting a toilet on site. Well Doncaster has purchased a compost toilet for the allotment, however fixing the toilet and giving users privacy is another matter.

The toilet is like sitting on a wheelie bin! It is too tall for a standard size shed so we have to adapt one; this is not as easy as it sounds. We will be sure to update you all when the toilet is up and running!

One of the things that the existing allotment holders brought to my attention was how muddy the area has become on access routes. I am really keen to cause as little problem as we can so we have had the pathways ‘scrapped back’ to the hard-core underneath and will lay gravel so hopefully we have cured the problem.

Travis Perkins has been a huge supporter of the allotments and has kindly donated building materials which has helped us to do so much so quickly.

I am trying to secure a metal storage unit (for free!) so we can clean it out and have some sheltered seating area for when the weather isn’t kind to us.

Denaby Dig It has successfully applied for SEED funding to support with resources to get the project off the ground and are keen to get planting!

I have spent a lot of time working with the local Primary Schools in Denaby looking how we can work with them to use the allotments in their curriculum once the area is completed so the allotments can become an extension of the their classroom.

Making the site look good, ready for the launch in May

I have really been enjoying working to transform the allotments with dedicated, green fingered residents who want to make a difference in their community. It is exciting see the difference the Dig In project is already having in the community and are looking forward to the big launch event in May!

Watch this space for more updates from Denaby Dig It!

Karen Seaman


Well Doncaster Development Manager


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