Raise a cuppa to 2016

I thought I would write a quick blog to share our Well Doncaster Annual Report and also a progress report for the wider programme. 

Our local report pulls together lots of people’s efforts over the last year.  So much is happening and it is impossible to cover everything, but hopefully its gives a flavour!   The report also makes some conclusions and recommendations for the next year. Many priorities for the community at the outset have been met and we are making good progress against the more recent plans.  The involvement of local people has been a strength along the journey through the appreciative inquiry, through visits and workshops and in practical ways like the micro-grants. But there is still much to do – for example the next year will focus on enterprise and links with businesses, on key life skills like literacy, on the best start in life through the new Family Hubs, and on improvements to The Crags.

Find the Well Doncaster Annual Report here: Well Doncaster Annual Report 2016 17

Well North, The Story So Far… (http://www.wellnorth.co.uk/about-us/read-our-story-so-far) covers all the PWell Northathfinder areas – take a look and see the excellent things happening in other sites across the North.  The report has examples of enterprise and improving health through the Five Ways to Wellbeing (Connect, Take Notice, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give Back).

Have a read and let us know what you think.




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