Celebrate Denaby!

This summer marks 2 years since we began working in Denaby Main and undertook an Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and 1 year since our immersive two day workshop which raised Well Doncaster’s aspirations and shaped the action plans for the area.

To celebrate we organised an event at Tom Hill Youth Club in Denaby Main on June 7th and invited community groups to showcase the amazing work they are doing in their own community and designed a number of ways we could reconnect with people and understand how they feel about living in Denaby 2 years after the AI.

Celebrate Denaby Event
Steph and Nicky from Aspiring2 expertly poured the tea in the pop up outdoor vintage cafe 

Over 80 people joined us at the event and indulged in an al fresco cuppa and cake at the pop up café hosted by Aspiring2, enjoyed performances by local youth drama group Dynamic Impact Group and the award winning Conisbrough Castle Cavaliers.

Celebrate Denaby Event
A selection of musicians from the Conisbrough Cavalier marching band performed in the their new uniforms funded through the Community Micro Grant scheme 
Celebrate Denaby Event
Young people from the Dynamic Impact Group performed a fantastic short story and dance routine

Community groups showcased what they have been achieving in the area, many of

Celebrate Denaby Event
Denaby Main Juniors FC hosted a training session for local kids. They received a Community Micro Grant to refurbish the pavilion at their training ground

whom had received a Community Micro Grant.  As resident made their way around the hall they were able to find out what great things are going on right on their doorstep like Craganour TARA’s art group, Ministry of Craft in Conisbrough, give their thoughts about improving the Crags with Conisbrough Forward, kids took part in a training session with Denaby Main Juniors FC and find out more about b:Friend a befriending service active it the community.

Celebrate Denaby Event
Conisbrough Forward gathered people’s feeling about the Crags and how they use the green space
Celebrate Denaby Event
Craganour TARA Art Group exhibited their fantastic work. The Art Group began after the TARA successfully pitched to a Dragons Den panel lead by Well North Executive Chair Andrew Mawson and then went on to successfully apply for a Community Micro Grant
Celebrate Denaby Event
Local young people enjoying the free books on display by ReRead. See our post ‘Denaby Reads’ for more information about the literacy work ReRead are delivering in Denaby

Well Doncaster partners such as Reread were there giving away free books, promoting the library and talking to people about opportunities to improve their reading skills through fun family friendly events. People Focused Group were there representing Denaby Bumping Space and had on display the colourful and wonderful crafts the members have been working on.

Celebrate Denaby Event
Kelly and Vinnie from People Focused Group showcase the amazing crafts made by local people at Denaby Bumping Space. Guest blogger Susan Hampshaw’s writes about a Realist evaluation of the Bumping Space in ”The Bumping Space-so much more then just a cuppa’ 


Celebrate Denaby Event
Ministry of Craft and b:friend making connections to support the local community 

To help us continue community conversations that will help shape new and exciting developments over the coming months we asked Well North artist Matt Worden to support the conversation by running a participatory art activity where people could leave responses to three questions about who and what is important in Denaby and what would they like to see in Denaby. Matt devised an activity where people could write or use symbols to share their ideas and thoughts and worked with several young volunteers who helped complete the 3 paintings which will be on display in the community.


The final pieces depicting (from left) Important people, Important places and Blue sky thinking for Denaby 

We reemployed the original Community Explorers form the AI to facilitate informal conversation at the pop up café to find out what differences people are noticing in the Denaby.

Community explorers talking to residents about living in Dneaby 

We had a scale map of the area and people could find their home and place a flag in place they go and where could be better. These tools have helped us get a sense of what impact the work is having, if there are any gaps in our knowledge of the area and inform our action planning.

Celebrate Denaby Event
Residents finding their home and using the flags to tell us where they go in Denaby and what could be better

It was a fun evening where a community celebrated what can be achieved when passionate people work together.

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