East Doncaster’s Appreciative Inquiry 2021

Introducing the fourth and final Appreciative Inquiry that Well Doncaster undertook in late 2021…

Well Doncaster officer, Kerry, had 6 community explorers supporting the approach across East of Doncaster. We will share the outcomes of the conversations our community explorers had and what that means next for Stainforth, Thorne and Moorends!


The residents welcomed the conversations with the community explorers, including Well Doncaster officer and the local community connector. Conversations were had face to face and virtually via social media platforms to gather as much insight as possible relatable to the local residents.

These conversations identified the following themes as priorities for Stainforth’s community:

  • Community Spirit including community events open to all community members
  • Assets – Begin to utilise underused building and local land
  • Activities and Groups – Utilise heritage to connect generations
  • Amenities- Create a diverse and well-kept high street

These themes were used as conversation builders in the next stage… the Design Workshop. During the Design workshop everyone was invited back to help put together the co-produced action plan for Stainforth.

Both Dream and Design workshops were very well attended and allowed for the development of a Positive Activity Group (PAG) for local residents, community organisations and partners to attend once a month. The PAG will provide time for updates on any work undertaken for these priority themes in the local area.

Action from the Design intend to create a Stronger Stainforth and some of the ideas we are working towards include:

  • Developing greater community cohesion through education, community events and communication channels
  • Improving use of buildings and green spaces and supporting ‘Friends of’ groups to maintain these
  • Support community leadership and decision making through regular PAG meetings
  • Gather more detailed insight from children and young people by connecting with the schools and the Shaping Stainforth Young Researchers

It is really good to note that some of the actions taken from the workshop have been completed already…

During December’s PAG, the community invited a local group to come and talk about asylum seekers who had recently moved into area. Residents were welcoming of new faces to the community and have an invitation has been passed on to attend a local group who promotes integration.

Another residents voiced her concern over the lack of benches in the local area and expressed that this was something that was stopping her from keeping active and utilising the local green spaces and there was no where for he to sit when she needed a break. Well Doncaster and partners are now in talks to establish plans for benches in the local area.

It is so good to see the action plans in action and we are well under way to connecting and building a more integrated Stainforth community!

Thorne and Moorends

Thorne and Moorends had 61 conversations with residents over the two week discovery phase. However, during one engaging afternoon with a group of residents at Moorends Miners Welfare it was decided in order to meet the needs of both communities the workshops would be split to focus on each community at separate occasions to establish greater connections and give everyone an equal chance to engage.

The themes that would provide the basis for these workshops were as follows:

  • Community Spirit
  • Community assets
  • Amenities

After a slow start, Thorne had a very successful Dream workshop with 17 members of the community in attendance. However, the Design workshop was not so successful and will be rescheduled for early 2022. So, if anyone can any family members, colleague or friends that would like to be involved in creating a stronger Thorne community please do let us know and we will send an invite out!

Moorends had two successful workshops with 14 residents at each workshop. The actions from the Design workshop were as follows:

  • Facilitate opportunities for neighbourhood networking
  • Develop bank of volunteers to support community assets
  • Gather strong insight and the voice of young people
  • Develop a collaborative way of working with the local allotments to build a greener community
  • Develop communication methods such as a community notice board

These will underpin Well Doncaster’s priorities in Stainforth, Thorne and Moorends and our work continues. Please get in touch with Kerry.Hughes@doncaster.gov.uk if you would like to find out how to get involved.

We look forward to updating you on Well Doncaster’s work in all 20 communities throughout 2022 and welcoming new faces and organisations on board with the approach!

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