How could you live better?

Bringing together virtual coaching, 1:1 coaching, and peer support groups, Be Well Doncaster offers positive changes to your day-to-day life

Why Be Well?

People in Doncaster deserve to live well.

While people are generally living longer, we’re not always living better — and in Doncaster, our health and wellbeing aren’t as good as elsewhere in the UK. On average, men in Doncaster can expect to live in ‘good health’ for around 57 ½ years (5.7 years fewer than the national average), and women just over 56 years (7.8 years fewer than the national average). But it doesn’t have to be that way, and Be Well is here to support residents as they make lasting changes for the better. 

"I was a mess and didn’t have a direction. I didn’t know where to go, I didn’t know what to do. At the end of the five weeks, I was telling my coach where I’m going, what I’m doing and everything else"

David, South Doncaster

“Excellent listening skills and understanding. Thoughtful and helpful suggestions broken into small achievable steps. I felt really supported and have found the whole process genuinely helpful and I am very thankful to have been through the system”

Jenny, East Doncaster

“I really enjoyed me sessions, it gave me a chance to work through my issues without burdening my family. I feel so much more positive and confident going forward”

Laura, East Doncaster

“My sessions enabled me to reduce my alcohol intake. I had tried on my own but couldn't find the motivation”

James, East Doncaster

“I had a lovely coach, she took time to listen to me which is what I needed and guided me through on how I could change things, because of this I have started to lose a bit of weight and my mind is in a positive place, not a negative anymore. I was motivated to get out more and think positive... Thank you”

Antoni, Central Doncaster

What we do

Small changes can have a big impact.

Lots of factors influence your health, including where you live and work, how much you sleep, and what you eat and drink. Changing some of these behaviours can have a big — and sometimes surprising — impact. For example, getting enough sleep can lower your blood sugar levels, eating particular foods can affect your mood, and moving more can help you to manage chronic pain. Connecting with others has been shown to reduce stress, too. So, making small changes to your lifestyle can help you to live and feel better — and that’s why Be Well is here.

How we work

We'll help you find a way forward.

If you’re ready to take positive steps to improve your health behaviours, Be Well’s virtual and 1:1 health coaching can give you compassionate support, guidance, and encouragement without judgement or pressure. We know that making changes can be hard — and we know too that what works for others might not work for you. That’s why we go at your pace and let you lead the way, putting you in charge of your own health and wellbeing. 

Time to Talk

98% of residents said they were given the time to talk about the things that mattered to them


92% of residents said their coach let them know about other groups/services in their local area

Positive Changes

86% of residents said they had made positive changes to their lifestyle since seeing a Health Coach

Be Well Recommended

96% of residents would recommend Be Well Doncaster to their family and friends