Virtual coaching

Want to change life for the better? Take positive action, here and now, with the Be Well virtual coach.

How does virtual coaching work?

The Be Well virtual coach is a quick and simple way to start taking ownership of your health and happiness. It only takes a few minutes — just choose the area you’d like help with, then answer some straightforward questions. The virtual coach will then use behavioural science to instantly suggest things you can do to make a difference. If there’s something you need help with that isn’t shown here, or you’d rather speak to someone in person, you can refer yourself for free 1:1 coaching, too.

What do you need help with?

Moving more

Being more active can help you to live and feel better, while reducing the risks of illnesses including cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. But movement isn’t just good for our physical health — it supports our mental wellbeing, too. If you’d like to move more, our virtual coach can help you explore little changes that make a big difference.

Do you want to:

  • Be more active?

  • Feel stronger?

  • Look after your mental wellbeing?

Connecting with others

Humans are social by nature. Being around other people is really important to your health and wellbeing, and can improve your mood, reduce chronic stress, and even lessen inflammation. If you’re feeling a little isolated or would like to be more sociable, our virtual coach can help you to take your first steps. 

Do you want to:

  • Talk more with others?

  • Feel less lonely?

  • Find local groups?

Managing Money

Money can be a difficult and emotional issue. The rising cost of living is causing financial difficulties for many, leading to stress and anxiety and making it difficult to live well, while stigma around debt means many struggle to ask for help. If you’d like to work on the way you manage and feel about money, our virtual coach is a good place to start.

Do you want to:

  • Find money advice services near you?

  • Manage your existing debt?

  • Get help with budgeting?

Downloadable resources

Explore our resources to find ideas and guidance that will help you take your first steps.

Moving More

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Connecting with Others

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Managing Money

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Time to Relax

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Eating Well

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