Bethany Hayes

Job Title: Public Health Apprentice 

Email address:

Hi, my names Bethany and I am a Public Health Degree Apprentice. I am currently studying to be a Public Health Practitioner while working within the Well Doncaster team. After studying a Health and Social Diploma and Business Studies at sixth form, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I just knew I liked working with people and helping them.

I then went on to study Children, Young People and Families at university but struggled when COVID hit and so I put it on hold and got a job working as a support worker for adults with learning disabilities and Autism. This entailed helping them with their day-to-day tasks, finding groups and activities for them to attend and growing their confidence and self-esteem to ensure they live life to the fullest.

I took this apprenticeship as I wanted a new venture, to be able to grow and get a career in something new. The apprenticeship is giving me the opportunity to grow as a person, as well as professionally. I get to learn while working and get a degree out of it.  I have learnt so much while working for public health and in the Well Doncaster Team. 

My role now is learning all in the ins and outs of Public Health and offering help when I can. I am supporting  Get Doncaster Moving by supporting the network of walking groups in Doncaster helping them meet reach their aspirations and goals.  I enjoy being part of the Well Doncaster team while shadowing I got to visit communities, see what everyone does to help their groups. Seeing what people do for their communities is amazing. The team is so helpful and with so many experts in various fields, if I am ever stuck there is always someone who is offering to help. Eventually I will be leading on projects to tick off what is needed throughout my course, I have not decided yet which part of Public Health I would like to go into yet as it is all remarkably interesting!

Fun fact: I have over 40 pairs of trainers and like to collect them. 

What people appreciate about me

Throughout school and working ventures I have always been told that no matter what I always had a smile on my face and like to laugh. I am very empathetic and love to help people.

What is important to me

Spending time with friends and family, trying new foods and going out for tea. Every Friday night we have a girl's night whether this be a meal or just relaxing in our Jarmas with a cup of tea. Making memories that we can look back on and be happy we said yes to.

The thing I enjoy best about being part of Well Doncaster

Being a part of a team that is friendly, so supportive and working hard to strengthen Doncaster into a place for everyone to thrive. The team support groups set up and provide activities around Doncaster, I love watching them grow and how much they benefit the communities. I have also enjoyed learning about my own community in Doncaster and being able to tell people that there all these exciting things happening.