Delano Johnson

Job Title: Public Healt Project Officer- Business Support

Phone Number: 01302 736431


Hi, my name is Delano Johnson. I have degree in History and a master's in international human Rights Practice. I am currently a member of the Well Doncaster Business Support team as a Support Officer.

I started at the City of Doncaster Council in 2020 during COVID as a COVID Community Link Officer. My role was based around supporting under-served communities in Doncaster, and building relationships with trusted voices in the community, debunking some of the misinformation that was being circulated around the virus. I was driven to take up that role due to the disproportionate impact that COVID had on under-served communities particularly those from minority ethnic backgrounds. One of the highlights of my time there was working with the team to arrange a ‘pop up’ clinic that saw over 1000 residents being vaccinated.

After my contract for that role ended, I took the role as part of the Well Doncaster team. A role I am thankful for, as it allowed me to continue to be a part of the Public Health team and continue to support underserved communities in addressing the health inequalities affecting my community.

In my current post, I have learned a great deal about the amazing background work that keeps all the systems running well. One of the best parts of my job is that no two days are ever the same. Also, as a part of business support you are involved in every aspect of the work that the team do.

Even though I am primarily based in an office location, my time as business support has shown me that ‘it isn’t what you do, its how you do it’ – and the work we do touches the entirety of Doncaster.

Through this role I have learned many new skills and strengthened old ones. The team are friendly and supportive, and whenever you are stuck you can always ask for help. I feel fortunate to work with a team that has such a wide array of knowledge, experience and that are incredibly passionate about making Doncaster better for all its residents. 

Fun fact: I have a complicated relationship with dogs

What people appreciate about me: Always willing to help

What is important to me: Having a positive impact in the community and ensuring that everyone feels like their voice is heard.

The thing I enjoy best about being part of Well Doncaster: The team are great to work alongside. Everyone is very passionate about what they do