Laura Ashton

Job Title- Public Health Improvement Officer

Email address:

I have worked in Public Health for nearly 14 years and have a Public Health Promotion Diploma, I have worked across many different teams within this time and love being part of this directorate. I joined the Well Doncaster Team in April 2022, and I chose this role as I wanted a new and exciting challenge within Doncaster’s communities and to be on the ground doing the ‘doing’. I have loved the challenge of engaging with partners, community organisations and the residents to help make Doncaster stronger, enable positive changes and to better health and wellbeing using community centred approaches. I was born and raised in Rossington, Doncaster, so I understand the wants and needs of residents to enable us to help change and improve the lived experience of everyone in Doncaster.


Fun fact:I have recently turned 39+1 and crossed off a 15,000 feet tandem SKYDIVE from my bucket list It was an amazing experience, and I would do it all again. Freefalling at 120mph is something that everyone should do. 

What people appreciate about me: I am who I am, a down to earth miner's daughter! I am well organised, a team player and will always be there for you if needed. 

What is important to me: My family -especially my children, parents and partner, also my friends. Our Health & Happiness. 

The thing I enjoy best about being part of Well Doncaster: I have worked in Public Health for 14 years and have loved being part of this team/family. Moving to the Well Doncaster team has opened my eyes even further about the good we do for our communities and how we all each make a difference.