Lisa Wharton

Job Title: Public Health Officer- Community DevelopmentĀ 

Phone Number: 07977837227

Email address:

Locality: CentralĀ 

I have been a single mum for the past 16 years and my 3 boys are my world and I have now become a grandma which is amazing. My community is also important to me as it is where my children grew up. It has always been important to me to be involved in my community and have a say in what happens. Whilst my children were in school, I was a School Governor for 22 years. Children will obviously become our future adults and if they are nurtured, loved, and given the right tools they can thrive we will see positive changes in our communities. Sadly, not all children have the same opportunities, but this is where our communities can help, we can help to support families who have hit challenging times and offer children opportunities to get involved in activities they would not normally be able to access.

Before I started working for Well Doncaster, I have had numerous jobs, my last job was with Asda, linking the company with the community and supporting local organisations. I was there for 16 years as a Community Colleague; my job role was to support Third Sector groups with volunteering and helping them to access the Asda foundation grants. I was fortunate enough to work in my own community so this gave me a huge insight into the needs of my community and what we already had that we could shout about. I believe that if you want change in your own area then you need to go out and do it, if you wait for others to do it, you may be waiting a long time.

Fun fact: Dressing up as a fairy and abseiling down a 300 ft dam for charity

What people appreciate about me: My loyalty and that I care

What is important to me: My Family, friends and my community.

The thing I enjoy best about being part of Well Doncaster: Meeting new people and achieving positive changes in a community. Community is especially important to me in my own life, communities are what help to shape us as individuals, and a good community can achieve wonderful things.