Lucy Garnham

Job Title: Health and Well-being Apprentice

Phone Number: 07432216984

Email address:

Locality: East

I work in Stainforth working as part of Shaping Stainforth. I am passionate to help make positive change within Stainforth as I am also a Stainforth resident. My role is working with children and young people and support them to get their voices heard. I am so proud to be working with my community as I am a ‘well known’ face to other residents. Health and wellbeing are important and the work we are doing inspires me because everyone can be happy with their life and themselves. Maintaining mental health can be a struggle for some people and it inspires me to support people and working together in breaking down those barriers to their mental health. 

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a personal trainer in the Navy. However, I wasn’t ready to leave home or my parents. I took this apprentice opportunity, as a young person myself it is hard to decide at a young age what I wanted to do with my life. Even though I wanted to join the Navy, this role, team, and opportunity is 100% the correct career for me. The team are so supportive and each person within the Well Doncaster team has taught me something new along my journey. I have learnt so much working within Well Doncaster, it has given me the opportunity to achieve my English and a Level 3 qualification. 

I have been within my role just over a year and I would not change anything I have done. The Well Doncaster team is like a second family, they pick you up when you are down. I have met some many new people who work for the council. I have learnt about different teams. The biggest thing I have learnt from Well Doncaster is that the only way is up, and the team will always support me in my development.

Fun fact: I love food

What people appreciate about me: I am very funny and lighten up the mood! 

The most important thing to me: is to be true to myself. My friends and family are also important to me.  

The thing I enjoy best about being part of Well Doncaster: Working with such a good, friendly team and be able to work with other people. I also enjoy the fact that the team are so supportive and very motivating.