Arts and Culture Community Centre

Article Added: 04/03/24

A local Hexthorpe resident approached Community Wealth Builder for support with a funding application for one of her projects. During the initial meeting it was established that there wasn’t any governance or legal structure in place.

The different options available for the group were discussed and it was felt that creating a Community Interest Company (CIC) was the best option.  Community Wealth Builder supported Arts and Culture Community Centre to become a CIC, taking them through the whole process from completing the relevant forms and registering them on company house, setting up an organisational bank account, supplying template policies and procedures, correct public liability insurance and DBS checks.

The organisation is starting to take the first steps towards securing funding to deliver workshops and activities for the children and young people of Hexthorpe.  It aims to offer artistic and environmental workshops, organise arts festivals, produce and sell cultural products and much more. It also aims to create learning and job opportunities for locals along with volunteering opportunities.

Hexthorpe a multicultural, friendly, and colourful neighbourhood, full of potential, with a lot to offer. Due to the diversity of the community, they need a way to communicate and celebrate their cultural richness, Arts and Culture Community Centre does this by creating a place where children, young people and adults can find opportunities to discover, learn and share their talents. In addition, they are also tackling local issues such as littering and fly-tipping in a way the community understands. They are also looking at develop cultural projects that use arts as a tool to increase the resident’s sense of belonging, so locals take pride in the neighbourhood and feel more eager to keep it clean and look after it. 

This is a prime example of the support Community Wealth Builder can offer, taking an individual’s idea and supporting them all the way through to being a fully established group offering activities and projects in their local area.

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