Residents Doing for Themselves

Article Added: 01/12/23

In the summer of 2023 residents in Clay Lane community started coming together with the joint aims of strengthening their community for all. Following a series of community led meetings and support from Community Wealth Builder, Friend of Clay Lane became a constituted group with the aim to promote, improve and defend Clay Lane to be a better place to live. 

In July 2023, Friends of Clay Lane and residents came together and held a Picnic in the Park where they held Clay Lane Olympics, allocated street ambassadors and started liaising with ward members and City of Doncaster Council services to fix road surfaces, report community repairs but most of all create a whole community approach to living in a cleaner, safer community.  

Friends of Clay Lane received children and young people litter picks and high vis vests and Clay Lane Juniors was formed where children from the estate have a large hand in keeping their community clean and litter free.  

In the months following, Clay Lane community held its first scarecrow festival which most of the community took part in and Friends of Clay Lane held a community yard sale event to raised funds for future community activities and events.    

Successful community development is based on building trust and relationships. Well Doncaster Officer Kelly has work with Friends of Clay Lane and residents of the community to build trust, create community connections and have community conversations. This has led to more opportunities for residents to engage with essential services and connect with one another.  

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