Dhiren Patel

Job Title – Public Health Officer- Health and Wellbeing Coach 

Tel: 01302 736779 Mob: 07812 483981

Email: Dhiren.patel@doncaster.gov.uk

Locality: South 


I am a Health and Wellbeing Coach, at university I completed a bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Science before moving onto a master’s degree in Sport Psychology. There is considerable overlap between the contemporary behaviour change techniques used with athletes looking to improve their performance and the general public trying to live a healthier life. This was reflected in the research I conducted for my master’s dissertation wherein cricketers playing the game at a recreational level experienced the same benefits from sledging (trash-talk) as those who competed at the professional level.  

Whilst working as a coach I have completed training with Sheffield Hallam University around behaviour change and completed the Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine course which provides a structure for implementing healthy lifestyle changes in a sustainable and manageable way and NHS health coaching training. I have three years’ experience supporting residents with a number of issues ranging from stopping smoking to managing their mental health to weight management. It has been wonderful to see residents take back control of their lives and reap the rewards, often reporting improvements in their self-confidence and resilience but also with a changed perspective and mindset of how to approach some of the challenges they may face in the future. 


Fun fact: I’ve played cricket at an international venue in Sri Lanka  

What people appreciate about me:  Having a calm and composed approach to everything I do 

What is important to me:  Being able to enjoy the little things in life 

The thing I enjoy best about being a Health Coach: Listening to the stories everyone has. Everyone has been on a journey to where they are today, understanding where they’ve come from is fundamental to developing a healthier path into the future.