Laura Bugge

Job Title: Public Health Officer- Health Coach 

Tel: 07816199145


Locality: North of Doncaster 

I have been a part of the Well Doncaster team as a Health Coach for almost two years. It is rewarding to support individuals discover the potential within themselves as they work to improve their own health by setting small and realistic goals. I have a degree and master's in public health, and I am able to draw on my experience working within the mental health field and using behaviour change techniques supporting people to stop smoking.

Since joining Well Doncaster, I have been able to work in different localities in Doncaster which gives me a good understanding of what support is available across the borough and I am able to support residents in accessing support where they live. Part of my role is establishing and supporting community-based peer groups where residents can come together and share their lived experience and support each other in managing a range of health conditions such as Long Covid, Fibromyalgia and diabetes. I enjoy seeing people regain their confidence and take positive steps in taking control of their health and wellbeing.

Fun fact: I have a tortoise and two turtles 

What people appreciate about me:  I would say I am organised and a good communicator

What is important to me: My family 

The thing I enjoy best about being a Health Coach: I enjoy seeing positive changes in residents and impact on their health and wellbeing.