Nicola Wright

Job Title: Public Health Officer- Health and Wellbeing Coach 

Phone: Tel: 07974602101/01302 736181


Locality: East 

I started as a Health Coach in 2021. I have always lived in Doncaster and I have varied experience starting out as a young person’s drug and alcohol worker, while studying social policy, sociology, English and psychology. I then went on to study psychology at degree level. I’ve completed a postgraduate in Clinical Applications of Mindfulness. After graduating I worked for a young person’s service supporting anyone not in education or training, we also worked supporting the homeless community. I also have experience in sexual health services for under 25s, stop smoking in pregnancy, forensic mental health services.

In my role as a Health Coach I've trained in behaviour change Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine, PTSD and hoarding behaviour therapy. I believe that positive lifestyle changes can have a massive impact on a person’s mental and physical health. I feel we should never underestimate its power and more value needs to be put on it by other services. I always try my best to practice what I preach and always try to stick to a healthy active lifestyle, I take part in yoga, swimming and walking. 


Fun fact: I used to work in a bakery and can make choux pastry swans 

What people appreciate about me: Calm almost 100% of the time 

What is important to me: Happiness found in the thing’s money cannot buy and appreciating the moment 

The thing I enjoy best about being a Health Coach: To see a transformation in the people I work with no matter how small, it is always a step in the right direction.