Victoria Liversidge

Job title: Public Health Officer- Health and Wellbeing Coach 

Mobile: 07974 602096


Locality: North Doncaster

Having worked for Be Well since the coaching team was first formed, I have been invested in its development, contributing to its growth and success.  Building relationships with the Primary Care Network as part of their personalised care team and stablishing relationships with private entities and third- sector organisations have enhanced the service we offer to the people we support. I have been able to draw on my past experience working in educational environment and my studies which has included topics such as stigma by association in relation to disabilities and identifying the impact of workshops on adults experiencing depression.  

Through personalised one-to-one support, my focus is helping people discover and amplify their strengths.  In some instances, this extends to facilitating the people I support to realise and create groups based on these strengths, contributing additional value to our community. Identifying a gap in support around bereavement, I worked with partners and residents to establish a community-based peer support group, fostering a compassionate community for those navigating difficult times.    

My goal is to not only empower individuals but also ensure they feel good, valued, and connected within their community.  I have always strived to behave towards people how I would like to be treated, with dignity, respect and without judgement.   


Fun fact: I have always wanted to pilot an aircraft 

What people appreciate about me: I am told that I have a compassionate nature 

What is important to me: Integrity 

The thing I enjoy best about being a Health Coach: The opportunity to listen to peoples' stories and support them in realising their own strengths and capabilities.